Having healthy kids can be simple when they can do it themselves! Get the top 10 oils and supplements FOR KIDS that they can use daily for immune and emotional support. #essentialoils #essentialoilrecipes #healthykids #guthealth

Parenting is so much fun.

I was giggling inside when I interrogated Chloe, my 9 year old, on zero notice this morning about which essential oils and products she uses everyday. (She surprised me with some of her responses!)

The totally candid video is actually part of a new resource for my doTERRA oils customers, but it’s too cute not to share right here…and I think she can teach us all a thing or two. Enjoy!


1. PB Assist Kids' Probiotic - Kids need prebiotics and probiotics even more than we do! Get that microbiome reproducing to fend off sickness and improve mental function as well. (And the fact that it tastes like a pixie stick sure doesn’t hurt. My kids get them for ‘dessert’ after dinner and I’m not even embarrassed to admit that…)

2. IQMega Omega 3 liquid - We are hugely deficient in Omega 3 fatty acids, and so are our kids. Omega 3’s are crucial for brain function, anti-inflammation in the body and about a billion other things, so if wild caught salmon isn’t a staple on your menu, just drink this orange flavored Omega supplement, k? Easy peasy.

3. OnGuard Beadlets - OnGuard is the protective blend. It kills the nasty invaders that make us sick and boost immune function…who doesn’t need that?!? We like the OnGuard beadlets because they’re tiny little bubbles of OnGuard that 9 year olds can swallow like nobody’s business.

4. Essential Life book - I know you think I’m an essential oil genius, cough cough, but really I just use this beautiful Essential Life book to know what oils to use and how much. Boom! Bonus: everyone in our house uses this book and it’s jam packed with science-y goodness in a very visually appealing package. My fave.

5. Melaleuca essential oil - I feel sad that Chloe gets cold sores. I feel happy that she knows when she’s getting one and keeps it at bay with melaleuca (tea tree).

6. 8-oil keychain for backpack - Isn’t this the cutest? We use the 8-dram keychains for travel and for backpacks. Chloe picked out her 8 oils based on what she wanted to use them for: Focus, drippy nose, coughing or congestion, and “smelling so good” because #duh.

7. doTERRA Kids Collection with flashcards - Brand new collection of 6 pre-diluted and SAFE oil blends specifically for kids! These oils smell amazing and come with flashcards and easy names for young oilers to use with confidence. (Brave, Stronger, Rescuer, Calmer, Thinker, Steady)

8. Serenity in 10ml rollerbottle - The Serenity blend was my gateway drug into doTERRA. Luke (age 5) calls it “the rest oil” and believe me when I tell you he gets a hefty dose of it every night of his life. #godbless

9. Peace Touch rollerbottle - Another calming blend, which happens to be my husband’s favorite, is Peace. We roll it on our wrists and back of the neck when Netflix gets turned on, and I’m asleep on the couch approximately 4 seconds later. I’m such a blast.

10. DDR Prime / Copaiba / Vetiver in 10ml rollerbottle - The Cellular Complex, DDR Prime, is a blend of oils very specifically used to support healthy cell renewal and growth. This is a compliant way of saying you put DDR Prime on and in your body if you don’t want things growing that rhyme with rumor. We roll it up and down the spine and bottoms of the feet most evenings after bath. (You can also get it in capsule form to swallow for adults.)

11. The Bomb: OnGuard / Oregano / Melaleuca / Lemon in 10ml rollerbottle - Sickness, BE GONE! Do you hate it when a bug descends onto your household but “It’s a virus” and there isn’t anything you can take to feel better? THE BOMB IS YOUR FRIEND. MAKE THE BOMB. DO A GOOGLE SEARCH ABOUT THE EFFECTIVENESS OF DOTERRA OILS IN FIGHTING VIRUSES. ROLL THE BOMB ON YOUR FEET AND THANK ME IN THE MORNING.

Parents out there, I want to hear what oils your kids can’t live without! Comment below and let’s hear it!

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