Breakfast on the go: "Bulletproof" Coffee with butter and coconut oil

Every morning, I reward myself for being a grown up and getting out of my warm bed by engaging in the wonderful ritual of making and consuming some very strong coffee. I happen to believe that the feeling of the hot mug in my hand is more important to my sense of well being than the contents of the mug, because when I stopped abusing my adrenals with caffeine and switched to decaf, I still enjoyed my morning brew. (Gasp!) WHAT? HOW?

Ladies, come close. Gather round. 

Let me tell you a tale of good fortune and superhero powers in a cup. 

It’s called butter coffee and it will change your life.



You need:

1 large or XL (is there any other size?) steaming cup of coffee or tea that you desire

1 heaping Tablespoon of coconut oil (Cold Pressed and Organic)

1 heaping Tablespoon of grass fed butter (Kerrygold is a good brand) 

(OR 1 heaping Tablespoon Ghee if you are lactose intolerant)

Pinch of Cinnamon and maybe Cayenne pepper if you are bold and adventurous

Blender OR Mason Jar with tight lid

I like to combine all ingredients above in my Vitamix and blend for 10 seconds or so until the coffee or tea is a frothy latte-looking concoction. Then pour into your favorite mug that induces nostalgia and enjoy!



  • Butter from grass fed cows is a magical food to be enjoyed as often as you like. Butter from cows who eat green grass, specifically in the Spring and Fall, is very high in CLA (conjucated linoleic acid) and tastes great. (Grain fed cows produce butter with much less CLA) CLA is converted in the intestinal tract into LA (linoleic acid) and ALA (alpha linoleum acid) by certain strains of bacteria found there. Isn’t that fab? Two essential fatty acids that we cannot synthesize ourselves, but are necessary for our bodily processes, are made for us by the little buggers we carry around in our guts. 
  • The butyric acid in butter is incredibly healing to the intestinal wall, is the primary food for colon cells, and has anti-carcinogenic and anti-inflammatory properties. 
  • Butter is a short chain fatty acid, which means it can be readily used for energy directly after ingestion, instead of having to be shuttled to the liver first. This means that your butter coffee is a great pre-workout beverage choice.
  • Coconut oil is a medium chain triglyceride. (MCT) You can substitute a liquid MCT oil instead of regular coconut oil in your butter coffee, as is directed in the official Bulletproof Coffee recipe, but I find that to be a real bummer. Liquid MCT oil doesn’t taste like coconut, and is more expensive. So….no comprendo any reason that one would want to use it, unless one didn’t like the taste of coconut, which I still don’t comprendo, so back to square one.
  • Like short chain fatty acids, medium chain fatty acids are used as fuel immediately upon being absorbed through the small intestine. No work for the liver to digest, and as a bonus, coconut oil has anti-fungal properties due to the caprylic acid content, so eating coconut oil can help battle a candida (or other) overgrowth in the intestinal tract. 


Eating good quality fat with your caffeine (if you are going full throttle with your coffee or tea) also helps to regulate the absorption of caffeine into the blood, which means you will have a more sustained release instead of a huge surge. Your adrenals will thank you for mixing your coffee with fat instead of sugar, which compounds the detrimental effects.

Butter coffee will keep you full. I, personally, don't like to have a heavy meal before I exercise in the morning, and yet I don't want be having any hunger pains, either. Enter: the butta coffee. If you are feeling extra frisky, you can also add a raw egg to your butter coffee for an actual meal in a cup. I blend the egg, butter and coconut oil for a few seconds in the Vitamix with a little bit of coffee to temper the eggs, then dump in the whole cup and give one more good whirl. Your frothy protein and fat delight awaits. (I promise, you can't taste the eggs. That would be weird. I am clearly not weird.)

Edited to add: I am LOVING putting in a scoop or two of Collagen Peptides instead of egg these days. I will go in depth on why collagen is so amazing for hair, skin, nails and gut health in a future post...but for now just know that a tasteless powder that is great for our bodies on a cellular level is a pretty good thing, indeed. You can find it online or at most natural food stores.  Also: please feel free to put in a drop or two of peppermint essential oil before you blend your coffee up...THIN MINT IN A CUP. You're welcome.

I have to add that a good Butter Tea is an excellent night time drink when you kinda think you want something sweet but you really don’t know what you want….the answer is Butter Tea. 

I guess what I'm trying to say is: if your current coffee or tea ritual involves sugary flavored syrups, or fake sugary syrups, or skim milk, or soy milk or almond milk….you need to commit the above recipe to memory as soon as possible. 


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