Paleo Lemon Bars: You're going to eat the whole pan. Immediately.

I love lemon so much. I specifically love tart, lemony desserts. You might have gotten the feeling from most of this website that I kinda sorta have happy feelings towards all citrus. Gimme a grapefruit and leave me alone for 15 minutes, and I will emerge a brand new woman. That sounded weird. I meant I want quiet time and to eat the grapefruit without sharing. That’s all.


This bar is super easy to modify. I originally found a recipe for it here that I have since changed a bit. The crust is almond flour, coconut flour, a bit of honey, pinch of sea salt, and a combination of melted coconut oil and butter. (Omit butter if lactose intolerant and use ghee or substitute all coconut oil.) The lemony filling is melted butter, (or coconut oil if dairy free) eggs, honey, vanilla, lemon juice, lemon zest (OR lemon essential oil) and some berries if you’re feeling frisky.


My lemon wasn't organic and i didn't want to zest a bunch of wax and weirdness into the bars, so I subbed a few drops of essential oil....and that was the best decision of my day. The lemony goodness is very bright...nobody puts baby in a corner.

I have made this recipe without any berries, just straight lemon creaminess, and it is fab. I have done lemon with blueberries. To die for. I was out of lemon and used lime juice and lime essential oil for a key lime version. Even better. You see where I’m going, here? Put whatever you have into this pan and eat it. You will thank me. Your kids will thank me. This is an amazing treat with lots of fiber, healthy fats, and relatively little sugar, as the level of honey used can be changed to your taste. I shamelessly use it as a dessert to bribe my kids at dinnertime to finish their vegetables. 



1C almond flour
1/3C coconut flour
1/8C butter - melted (or ghee or sub coconut oil for DF)
1/4C coconut oil - melted
pinch sea salt
3T honey

Mix melted fats, honey, and sea salt together, then add flours and mix until incorporated and a very thick batter consistency. (Will not be crumbly at this point. Have patience.) Spread in 9x9ish size pan and bake @ 325 for 13 min.

1/4C butter - melted (or ghee or coconut oil)
1/4C honey (or less if restricting sugars)
1t vanilla
4 eggs
3-4T lemon (or lime) juice
4 drops lemon (or lime) Essential Oil (OR zest from fruit)

Mix up filling while crust is baking: first mix melted butter with honey, then whisky in eggs and other ingredients until smooth. Poor over crust OR add fresh or frozen berries to crust at this point and then pour filling carefully over the top.  Pop back into oven for additional 20 min, or until center is no longer jiggly. 
Cool 30 min, then 2 hours in fridge. 


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