How to make a quick and healthy smoothie your kids WILL EAT

It's me!!! I am still here!!!

In an effort to be more consistent in keeping in touch with you all, I am going to try to be less neurotic about making hugely informative posts, and do a few more "random kitchen tricks that I apply daily" because I think they can be just as valuable. 

I just had an awesome workout and lifted lots of heavy weights followed by 30 min in the infrared sauna. Two things to note here: This sequence of events is an amazing way to pep up your Tuesday, and it also made me really thirsty. 

I spend (what feels like) every waking moment of my day cooking or cleaning up from cooking. 

There, I said it. That was therapeutic. It is actually a huge exaggeration because I try to food prep a bunch of stuff at once and not have to cook everyday, BUT JUST LET ME JUSTIFY MY DESIRE TO DRINK MY MEALS SOMETIMES, OK?

Sometimes I want to just put some healthy shit in my Vitamix and call it a meal. I am human. It is nice not to have to clean up some pots and pans once in a while, and smoothies are really kind of thirst quenching and cold when you are overheated. You probably know by now that I'm not a big fan of meal replacement shakes in a packet that cost a fortune and do really funky things to your blood glucose levels, but a smoothie full of real food is a nice change of pace and a great way to get more yummy fats and veggies if you do it right.

Today's random concoction was a pile of things I had in the fridge and freezer.
(I am not fancy. I am a garbage disposal, really.) 

  • Half a frozen avocado (when I get some ripe ones, I like to scoop them out and freeze for smoothies)
  • One roasted beet (It looked lonely in there, and I love beets in a smoothie with berries because it all kind of disguises the beets and my kids don't notice them.)
  • Frozen organic raspberries from Trader Joes
  • Frozen organic mango chunks from Trader Joes
  • Organic ground flaxseed that I keep in the freezer (Yay for Omega 3's!)
  • A hefty amount of full fat coconut milk (from a guessed it: Organic from Trader Joes)
  • Plenty of water
    **Blend that all up in your Vitamix and enjoy**


Do you also TOTALLY over-fill your tacos and burritos and can't hold them shut without everything falling out all over? You are my people. 

So check this out! I have these weird little pouches (I think they are for making your own baby food? Not sure.) that I fill with overflowing smoothies, and then I pop them in the freezer and put them in my kids' lunches the next day as ice packs. They are thawed by lunch time. **Note: Make sure you tell your kids that they are reusable and need to come back home! If you forget that step, you might (hypothetically, of course) have a few tense moments when they unpack their lunch boxes and there is not a smoothie pouch to be found.

So how annoying was that? I did a whole lead-up on smoothies and sweating to tell you that you should save your leftover smoothies so you can make your kids unknowingly eat beets at school. If you want to be super sneaky, empty a capsule of probiotics in that bad boy so they get a few of the good guys to ingest as well! 


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