The Ultimate product guide to healing Adrenal Fatigue

When you're experiencing adrenal fatigue or hormone issues, you just want to know what you can use to help yourself. I get I detailed the exact products I recommend to my 1:1 clients (and use myself!)

I get asked, quite a bit, actually, what specific products I recommend for dealing with the symptoms of adrenal fatigue and hormone imbalances.

This post is the answer.

You can find out all about the root cause(s) of Adrenal Fatigue symptoms and hormone imbalances in my many other blog posts and social media posts....posts which inevitably lead to a lot of questions about the specific products to use in conjunction with addressing those dietary and lifestyle stressors. (Which is why this curated list of products is so helpful! I have already tested these beauties for you.)

So, today I am detailing what my favorite products are and why they are useful in terms of addressing the root cause of adrenal fatigue symptoms.  Boom. 

Let's be clear: This post includes affiliate links, which means that I may earn a small amount (at no extra cost to you) if you buy through that link. You would wonder about my mental state if I didn't use affiliate links when promoting all these amazing products, wouldn't you?

Prefer to skip the explanations or just have a list to refer to later? I've gotcha' covered there, can download the PDF version below.


Also: I would be totally remiss if I didn't mention the fact that I have online courses for healing BOTH digestion and adrenal fatigue, which detail everything you need to know about fixing your digestion or fatigue + hormone issues from start to finish: The Fix Your *Crappy* Digestion mini-course AND The Adrenal Fatigue Detox Course 

Note: The name of each product I detail below, in bold pink, is a clickable link that will open up the product details in a new you don't need to be googling all of these! Just click that pretty pink link. 👌

Now let's get to it!


You are probably aware that caffeine consumption really does a number on your adrenal glands and slows their recovery considerably, but in case you want a refresher on exactly why that is, you can read all about it in a previous post I wrote right here.

I have a few suggestions on some really good caffeine substitutions, so let's get to it.


DANDY BLEND This coffee-esque tea is made from dandelion root, which is majorly therapeutic to the liver.  A happy liver is able to detoxify and regulate hormones, so this is a great choice for a coffee substitute! (Plus it tastes great.)

CRIU BRU This concoction is made from roasted cacao beans. I have to admit, I have not tried it...but the lovely and always knowledgeable Dana from @realfoodwithdana says it is the best, and her opinion is all I need to hear.

FOUR SIGMATIC MUSHROOM TEAS Ok, this might sound weird, but these teas and hot chocolates are really good! (Plus the bonus healing powers of various mushrooms...winning.)

GOLDEN ROOT TURMERIC LATTE PACKETS I haven't tried these, either, but my NTP Bestie Amie swears they are amazing, so it has to be true! Turmeric is super anti-inflammatory, so these packets have the added bonus of reducing inflammation and aiding digestion.

TULSI TEA Tulsi tea is a fave of mine because it is FULL of adaptogenic herbs.  Adaptogens are a fatigued woman's best friend, and I think this tea is best served "bulletproof style" blended up with coconut oil and some ghee. YUM. (Care to read more on adaptogenic herbs for adrenal fatigue? Check out THIS POST.)

COLLAGEN HOT CHOCOLATE I love me some collagen (linked further down this list) and I especially love it blended up in hot chocolate on a cold winter morning. This recipe drinks like a meal...which is a good thing, I think???

TEECINO "COFFEE" TEA BAGS I have to include Teecino in this list because it's so dang transportable. (Even though it isn't my top flavor choice.) However, there are a ton of different flavors of this "coffee" that is brewed like tea in a tea bag, so if you're usually a flavored coffee fan, you will probably love this the most!

SODA (it's actually POP) SUBSTITUTES

SPARKLING WATER Nothing revolutionary here, but it's the best substitute for pop that you're going to find! (Just make sure you are getting UNSWEETENED sparkling water.)  I have tried every kind under the sun, and I'll say that LaCroix, which is widely available, is fine...but Fresh Thyme has a grapefruit flavor AND a cucumber mint that are both amazing, so if you have a Fresh Thyme in your neck of the woods, check those out! (Bonus: The FT generic brand is cheaper!)

ZEVIA (CHOOSE NON-CAFFEINATED AND USE SPARINGLY) If you are seriously DYING for a sugary-tasting pop substitute, you can try this stevia-sweetened version. Note: Make sure you're getting a flavor that doesn't contain caffeine, and use sparingly because this still spikes your blood sugar and that is an adrenal fatigue no-no.


REDMOND'S REAL SALT This one is a biggie: Our adrenal glands need extra sodium to heal, so getting adequate salt is important, but the quality and sourcing of that salt is extra important. Refined table salt is made in a factory and doesn't contain any of the trace minerals that our body is starved for, so that kind of white powder should be avoided whenever possible.  Unrefined salt like sea salt, pink himalayan salt, or (my fave) Redmond's Real Salt contains that sodium AND the other electrolyte minerals we need. Swap our all your Morton's for Redmond's STAT!

TRACE MINERAL DROPS Speaking of trace minerals: you can also supplement them with liquid drops, which is perfect for adding into filtered water where those minerals may have been removed along with other impurities. It is so hard for our adrenally fatigued bodies to hold onto hydration, but having enough trace minerals really helps, so don't skimp on these.

VITAL PROTEINS COLLAGEN PEPTIDES If you have followed along with my blog for any length of time, you probably know that I recommend supplementing with collagen peptides for almost everybody.  Healthier skin, hair, nails, AND healing of the digestive tract; these beauties do it all. Bonus: They contain 9g of protein per scoop, are totally flavorless and dissolve into any hot or cold beverage or food. BOOM.

LIVER CAPSULES  The nutritional benefits of organ meats, specifically liver from grass-fed animals who haven't been exposed to a bunch of environmental toxins and medications, are profound.  With that being said, I'm not much for munching on liver, so I prefer to get it in capsule form...and you might agree. Vital Proteins liver capsules are the ones I personally take and absolutely LOVE. 

BRAGGS ACV Do you hate apple cider vinegar? Well, quit it! Taking a diluted shot of this RAW apple cider vinegar (make sure it's raw!) 20 min before a meal will majorly improve your digestion and mineral absorption along with a healthy dose of probiotics. 

GARDEN OF LIFE PROBIOTIC Probiotics can be confusing, because although it's clear that almost every area of our health is improved by taking them, there are so many options (and price variations) that it gets confusing. I find that good ole trial and error is usually the best way to figure out what works for you, but this Garden of Life option is a great place to start. It is shelf stable (don't need to refrigerate) and contains a whole lotta different strains for maximum impact. **Your digestion is the key to healing anything in the body, including adrenal fatigue and hormone symptoms, so this is a must!

MAGNESIUM OIL Most women are deficient in magnesium, but because of *crappy* digestion that isn't working properly, merely supplementing it in pill form doesn't do much good. This is why I ALWAYS recommend using a magnesium oil like this one because it is absorbed through the skin and bypasses faulty digestion completely. Bonus: magnesium relaxes muscles and often 'cures' restless leg syndrome and menstrual cramps!

VITAMIN C  Did you know that Vitamin C is found in the highest concentrations in bright veggies like red bell peppers? #TheMoreYouKnow....  Anyway, our body doesn't store Vitamin C very well, and it's sensitive to heat, so let's just be honest and realize that we can usually benefit from a little extra because Vitamin C is extremely helpful for wound healing and fighting infection (among other things).  I haven't personally used the Vitamin C I have linked here (because I use one from a professional line that I can't link to) but The Wellness Mama says this is her fave, and that recommendation is good enough for me! Bonus: Vitamin C supplementation eases constipation and gets things moving, so be cautious with super high dosage if things are already moving for you.  


REDMOND'S EARTHPASTE Did you know that regular toothpaste is toxic to your thyroid (and other hormones) which leads to adrenal fatigue and a whole bunch of other problems internally? I know. I suck...always bringing the bad news. Flouride is a neurotoxin and has finally been recognized as such, but it's going to take a while to get it removed from municipal water supplies and toothpaste. Luckily, there are fluoride-free toothpastes that are actually AMAZING, and this is my very favorite. The bentonite clay and added minerals help harden tooth enamel without the chemical shitstorm that is standard toothpaste. I highly recommend the Lemon Twist flavor, which is totally kid-friendly!

DIVA CUP  Ok, this is just awkward....but menstrual cups are legit, and even though this is not my fave subject to talk about on the internet, I have to include it. I thought the entire concept of this was GROSS until I came across an article from a non-crunchy Crossfitter that uses a menstrual cup to help her not pee her pants when she is lifting, and for some reason (even though I don't crossfit or pee my pants) that rave review got me to try one out.  I love it.  Why? Because I am not using disposable tampons, which I guess kind of bothered me on some level, but mostly because you keep this thing in all day and all night and only remove it twice a day. Doesn't leak, doesn't need constant attention...that's my kind of deal. They come in pre-childbirth and post-childbirth sizes (like all clothing should) so make sure to get the one that's right for you.

NATIVE DEODERANT  The holy grail. Right here. I have tried every.single aluminum-free deoderant option (because getting breast cancer isn't high on my list of activities to try) and let's face it: none of them work. Until Native.  I give bars of this deodorant for gifts because I'm cool like that and I'm clearly not afraid to offend anyone who needs new deodorant. Try the coconut + vanilla first and you can thank me in the morning. Also: When you purchase through my link, Native will give you a free travel size with your order!

BEAUTYCOUNTER SAFE MAKEUP + SKINCARE  Again, the holy grail of makeup and skin products that actually fricken work as well as your favorite department store hormone-wrecking ones. (With a 60-day full return policy if you don't completely agree.)  The sad truth is that only 10% of Americans are aware that the chemicals in their personal care products (shampoo, body wash, lotions, makeup, etc) could be causing massive hormone disruptions in their bodies.  What we slather all over our skin (the largest organ in our body) impacts our health in a big way, but "crunchy" type of natural products usually don't work. (I would know...I've tried them all.)  The good news: Beauty Counter products work better than your tried and true faves, and they are free of over 1500 harmful chemicals that ruin your hormones. 

Learn more at the link above (I highly recommend the charcoal cleansing bar + non-sticky lip gloss!) OR email me directly ( and tell me about your skin so I can make some product recommendations or get you some samples.

PHLUR PERFUME  Did you know that the fragrance in most personal care products is the most dangerous part? I steer clear of pretty much anything that smells like my 16-year-old self after a trip sampling lotions at Bath and Body Works because I know how harmful those undisclosed 'trade secret ingredients' are that make up those smelly concoctions. Since Phlur is doing EVERYTHING different with their fragrances, these perfumes get two thumbs up AND you can order samples + get $10 off your first order through my link.


MRS MEYERS SURFACE SCRUB POWDER  This is some amazing stuff...and it's one of only 2 cleaning products that I keep in my house. (I hate multiple bottles and clutter!)  This powder is nontoxic, safe from harmful hormone-disrupting chemicals, and it works so well. I use it for scrubbing toilets, scouring crusty pots and pans, and polishing the stains from my white kitchen sink. One bottle that does almost all my cleaning: Perfect.

ALL-PURPOSE CLEANSER  For the rest of my cleaning needs, I just make my own spray bottle filled 1/2 full with white vinegar, the rest with water, and 10 drops of therapeutic grade lemon essential oil.  This all-purpose disinfectant is perfect for bathroom or kitchen counter and you can rest assured it's about as natural as it gets.

ESSENTIAL OILS DIFFUSER (THROW OUT THE AIR FRESHENERS!) Speaking of essential oils, you should be replacing those toxic air fresheners in your house with some air-cleaning diffusers and oils! doTERRA is the only brand I use and recommend. The benefits of essential oils are quite broad for all types of health conditions and disease prevention, which is my specialty, but smelling good is high on the list as well so let's stick with that one: Essential oils smell great and freshen the air in your house without giving you cancer....#winning. If you want to read about the cortisol-lowering effects of Orange EO READ THIS and email if you want my recommendations on particular oils for your health concerns.

NORWEX CLEANING PRODUCTS  You may also know someone who reps Norwex cleaning products, but in case you don't, I have linked it up. These products are non-toxic and absolutely amazing.  You can clean your entire house (including windows and mirrors...streak free) with their silver-threaded microfiber cloths that don't feel weird in your hands. I have been using Norwex dish cloths for about 6 years now, and I swear they do not get stinky. (Life goal accomplished: I blog about stinky dish rags for a living. Wow.)


Now, at the risk of getting a little woo-woo, I'm going to link some of my favorite products for all-around stress relief.  I use the two apps at the top to do some guided meditations and I am totally hooked. (Says the least likely meditator you will ever meet...)  If you are suffering from the symptoms of chronic stress and adrenal fatigue, you need to give these a shot.

OMVANA APP  You can download the free Omvana app OR visit the website to listen to free guided meditations on your computer. I recommend the "6 Phase Meditation" for the gratitude exercise it includes that counteracts our body's chronic stress response.

HEADSPACE APP  Just like Omvana, you can download the Headspace App or listen on the website from your computer.  Headspace has a ton of guided meditations to choose from depending on your interest and goals, and I cannot say enough good things about giving it a try. Before bed is a particularly good time!

TAKE CHARGE WITH TRELLO MINI-COURSE  This might kind of surprise you since I typically talk about health, but I created this mini-course for my business coaching clients that teaches how I have hacked the free platform of Trello to completely streamline and organize my online business and household calendar.  Since disorganization, clutter, repetitive tasks and decision making are a huge source of chronic stress, I felt I should link to this resource.  100% money back guarantee that you can streamline your LIFE and feel like a totally organized badass in 2 hours or less.

FIX YOUR *CRAPPY* DIGESTION MINI-COURSE  Digestive issues and confusion around what foods are inflammatory are a big contributor to adrenal fatigue.  (And almost every other chronic health condition.)  The FYCD mini-course is the 'bite-sized' version of the full Adrenal Fatigue Detox Course that details how to meal plan quickly and pack in nutrients without added stress + how to fix your crappy digestion so your body can actually absorb those nutrients.

THE ADRENAL FATIGUE DETOX DIGESTION + HORMONE COURSE  This course is the step-by-step roadmap to healing your adrenal fatigue.  It covers food choices, fixing your digestion, blood sugar regulation, the specific detox and nutrition protocols for balancing hormone levels, how to improve your sleep quality, and all the specific protocols, guides and supplement recommendations that bring it all together.  Best of all? You can do this online course on your own time, as many times as you want, and from the comfort of your own couch.

Phew! That was a lot to cover.

I hope this list doesn't completely overwhelm you, but rather gives some ideas and strategies on products you can start to swap out with your current favorites as you work towards maintaining healthy hormone balance for the long term.  

Rome wasn't built in a day. You have time. Just go unplug those cancerous air fresheners from the wall and then take a nap.

Make some little shifts and they will add up to big results over time....I promise!

Did I forget anything on this list? 

Comment below with any favorites that I missed, or email me directly ( for clarification or more info on any of these goodies.

Don't forget to download the shortened PDF version to refer to later!