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your biz is more than an expensive hobby.

Get my exact templates and step-by-step systems to go from frazzled to focused and CRUSH your business goals this year.

It doesn't have to be so hard.



Master your biz + DAILY LIFE in 2 hours or less (even if you have zero organizational skills)


Why is a nutritionist teaching organization?

Take Charge with Trello  online course

That's simple: Because feeling overwhelmed, scattered, frazzled and always running behind is the fastest train to chronic stress and business burnout. (aka: adrenal fatigue)

By using the free version of Trello and the templates that I provide in this mini-course, you can completely systemize your business (and daily life, really...) in 2 hours or less and without any natural organizational skills.

I guarantee it. (Seriously...full refund if this course doesn't radically change your day to day + free up 5-10 hours each week in your business.)

For less than a new pair of yoga capris.

build your direct sales biz online


 get started building your direct sales or network marketing business online...without EVER feeling spammy or salesy.


Let me show you:

  • How to use social media to create curiosity so that your customers and prospects contact you (not the other way around)
  • How to leverage the social media algorithm(s) to get the most free organic reach with your content
  • The 2 steps you can implement in less than an hour to change your existing network marketing business aka your expensive hobby into an actual Business (with a capital B)
  • The social media promotion strategy that is guaranteed to fill your prospect list month after month (without you making the first move...ever)
  • The video content process that will refer prospects to your business for years...on autopilot

like it or not: ONLINE marketing IS HERE TO STAY.

I know how overwhelming it is to start promoting your 1:1 services or direct sales business online...because I have done both!

So, I packaged up my step-by-step processes and no-fail strategies that work for ANY wellness or direct sales biz...just for you.

(and my amazing team, who get all my biz trainings for free 😉

Now is the time to start attracting your ideal clients + customers like bees to honey without ever feeling salesy or icky. 

Your biz-in-a-box course bundle


 The complete blueprint for automating + promoting your DIRECT SALES or wellness business online (even if you have zero tech or sales experience!)


Imagine how much more fun your business would be if you were attracting your dream clients + customers on autopilot, without feeling salesy or spammy, AND you had an extra 5-10 hours each week to do whatever you please. 

That's called #winning

let me teach you how.