DIY: Take Charge with Trello Online Course


DIY: Take Charge with Trello Online Course


Do you find yourself frantically searching hundreds of emails in your inbox or dozens of text messages for files and appointment times (or having them lost in Dropbox or a Google Drive folder...never to be seen again)?

Getting all your sh*t in one place is the very first step in eliminating overwhelm and repetitive tasks (like inbox searching) in your 1:1 client-based or online wellness business. 



What if I told you I could teach you a system, in two hours or less, that is free to use, and would save you 10-20 hours per week?

Enter: Take Charge with Trello

(Take Charge with Trello is an online course that I have set up in the Teachable platform, so when you follow the link above you will be taken to Teachable to purchase and begin the course after creating your login credentials.)

Trello is a FREE system that I have hacked for my online nutrition practice to save me loads of time and energy that I was previously wasting by having to track down every file, appointment, screenshot, and workflow when I needed them. 

In Take Charge with Trello I have packaged up my Trello templates and boards, along with written and video tutorials on how to use my systems, so you can implement this magic in a few hours or less and completely transform the way your wellness business operates. (For less than the price of a new tank top at Lululemon.)

Why Trello? Check out the video below!