VIP: 4-Week Business-In-A-Box Package

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VIP: 4-Week Business-In-A-Box Package


**I'M TOTALLY BOOKED! To be added to my wait list for 1:1 Wellness Biz Coaching (or to explore other options we can collaborate) email and let’s chat**

For lack of a better description, this is the total package.

What will it take for you to create your dream business?

You're going to define your dream biz AND lifestyle through a series of exercises that we do together, and then we'll create a blueprint to build it.

Sound easy enough?

Well, with four weeks of focus and clarity, it actually is! (check out the video below for more details)

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The VIP 4-week package includes enrollment in the online course Take Charge with Trello in addition to weekly Skype calls and daily email strategy support and troubleshooting.

No doubt about it - this package is for someone who wants accountability, support, expertise and is willing to put forth the focus to accomplish some major sh*t in their business.

What does VIP Wellness Business Coaching look like? Check out this video!


No two businesses or business owners are the same, so neither are the business strategy packages. This is the most common package structure (which is subject to change as needed):

  • After gathering a detailed inventory from you about your current business and your dream business, we'll have our first Skype meeting and get on the same page with realistic goals for the month ahead. This begins our four weeks together!
  • I will break down the monthly goal into four weekly "sprints", which we will dive into on our weekly meeting calls. (Don't get impatient about what's coming next week! Focus on one week's activities at a time.)

  • Expect daily email and/or Trello* communication when necessary to accomplish the week's tasks and keep the timeline on track, as well as supplemental resources as they become necessary.

*Trello (which is a free tool) is the single most useful way to change your business from a frazzled mess to a well-oiled machine...which is why I include enrollment in my Take Charge with Trello course for all VIP packages. I want you to succeed, and I know the templates I give you in the Trello course will help immeasurably!