Adrenal fatigue detox challenge

DAY 4 detox your mind

*This challenge originally ran as a live event with emails and a private Facebook group, but as a member you get access to do it as a refresher as many times as you want. Enjoy!


day 4: detox your mind

Welcome to Day 4 (already!) of the #AFDetoxChallenge!

How was your "REST" day yesterday? Did you get any extra rest? Were you able to let go of any guilt around said rest? (I hope so!)

So far in this challenge we have tackled some really concrete and tangible stressors that contribute to adrenal fatigue like inflammatory foods, food fixation, caffeine consumption, over-exercising and guilt over not exercising.

Phew...we have covered a lot of ground so far.  

Based on the comments and emails I have received over the years, I know there’s a good chance you are having some really profound "Aha!" moments this week in regards to identifying what thoughts or stories you have been telling yourself that have led to some serious stress.

So what do we do about those stressors? We eliminate or minimize what we can, but most of them aren't going to just go away, and that's just the reality of our lifestyles.

Well, for starters, we have to change our reaction to those stresses.

Detox-ing Your Mind is all about reframing the way we react to and interpret the chronic stressors in our daily lives. 

And how do we do that?

Watch the video lesson to find out, of course!

  1. Create your three lists of your most chronic daily stressors that I explained in today's video

  2. List 3-5 things you are the most grateful for in your life - nothing is too big or too small (watch the video for more information on why this changes our brain's reaction to chronic stressors)

  3. Try a guided stress relief technique like my suggestions in today's video


Resources mentioned in today's lesson:

  • Omvana App

  • Headspace App