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Ready to get started?

I packaged up my 1:1 nutrition programs + protocols into online courses you can access 24/7.

Just for you, you little DIY-er.

THE #AFDetoxChallenge


 Join the 1500+ women who have already completed the 5-DAY DETOX Challenge!


Any of this sound familiar:

  • Are you addicted AF to your morning cup of coffee?
  • Are you constantly pushing yourself in the gym, in order to get past your plateaued weight-loss (that won't budge no matter what you do)?
  • Do sugar cravings and crashes leave you feeling defeated around food?
  • Are you constantly saying yes to things you don't have time for, and putting everyone else's needs before your own?
  • Do you consistently wake up in the morning feeling like you've been hit by a bus?
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I'm pretty sure the answer to most (if not all) of those was a YES. So what are you waiting for?!



Overcome your acid reflux, bloating, leaky gut or indigestion in the next 30 days. BOOM.

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By addressing the root cause instead of chasing each pesky symptom, you can finally meet your health goals. (Socialize without a map to the nearest restroom? Finally lose the last few pounds? Not look 6 months pregnant after every meal? What would that be like?!)

Better yet: Do it at your own pace, online, in your yoga pants, repeating as many times as you want, and for less than the cost of one out-of-network appointment with a naturopath or specialist.

THE Adrenal fatigue detox course


The streamlined solution to healing your adrenal fatigue, balancing your hormones, and regaining the energy to do epic sh*t (without 3 cups of coffee)


Just what you need (and thought you would never find):

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An entire online course that takes tired and overwhelmed women (ahem..like you) through the straightforward steps to healing adrenal fatigue, restoring hormone balance, and getting their energy back...so you can feel like yourself again, which means you can show up in your life and do some big sh*t. 

The easy-to-use course includes video lessons, cheatsheets, food lists, meal plans, specific healing protocols  + bonus materials and supplement suggestions. No skinny teas in this detox!

Complete it on your own time, at your own pace, as many times as you'd like.