Although you can do the Essential 30 Cleanse on your own anytime as a wholesale customer with me, we do it as a large group, led by a team of Holistic Nutritionists, twice a year...which is even more fun!

ESSENTIAL 30 CLEANSE JULY 30-AUGUST 28: Become a wholesale customer HERE and choose the Cleanse + Restore Enrollment Kit at checkout...then I'll send you the private group link + cleanse webinar + free ebook right away!

would you like:

🙋🏼 glowing skin
🙋🏼 higher energy
🙋🏼 better poops
🙋🏼 tons of education on using your powerful doTERRA essential oils + supplements
🙋🏼 new detoxification techniques
🙋🏼 release of extra weight + toxins
🙋🏼 a gentle cleanse protocol for your kids to do right along with you
🙋🏼 full "how-to" ebook + webinar to support you through the 30 days
🙋🏼 winning prizes for your commitment to being healthy
🙋🏼 a community + culture that cheer you on as you become your best self


Follow the steps below to get your supplies on their way ASAP!

*Depending on your country of residence, there might be some additional options than the steps below and you might need to add your cleanse supplies separately if no kit is available. If you get stuck, email and I'll help you get set up.

  1. CLICK HERE to enter the enrollment portal.
  2. Choose 'Wholesale Customer' where prompted, then accept terms and conditions box by checking it.
  3. Complete all required information on the 'About Me' page. NOTE: if the 'Enroller' field is blank, please enter my ID number 5783854 to join my personal team and get access to all of our amazing resources. When you click on 'Verify ID', it will show my name: Andrea Nordling.
  4. On the following page, choose your Cleanse + Restore kit, which will INCLUDE your wholesale membership fee for free.  Feel free to add on any additional products in the boxes below the kit choices. Then enter your payment address information.
  5. Enter your payment information and complete your purchase!
  6. **Optional**: You have the option of setting up a Loyalty Rewards Order immediately after purchase. This is not required, but is the best way of continuing to purchase your ever-growing wish list of other oils and wellness products at a significant savings. (Again, it's completely optional, but most customers appreciate getting 30% of their monthly orders back as free product.) This can be set up or deleted at any time with no cancellation fees, and is like Air Miles on steroids. (I can help you set this up after you get your oils, so don't worry if you skip this step for now.)


Once you've placed your order, I'll get an immediate notification (gotta love technology!) and your support will start right away with access to all your cleanse resources.

This is what you'll receive to know how to use your beautiful oils and wellness products right away:

  1. A welcome package sent via old fashioned snail mail (available worldwide!) that includes a 5ml bottle of Wild Orange, a Getting Started Guide (kind of like an Oil Bible), any other free gifts that your enrollment kit entitled you to, plus some extra doTERRA goodies to support you on your new journey. (I like to send a few extras...)
  2. A 2-week email education series with short videos on the basics of your oils and new yearly membership with doTERRA. Topics include diffusing, roller bottles, and a day-in-the-life of using your oils, to name a few.
  3. An invitation to spend 30 minutes with me customizing your daily health plan using the oils and other wellness products you purchased. No cookie cutter plans here! You get customized advice from a certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner with years of experience working with 1-1 clients on all kinds of issues. Really, you can't shock me.
  4. Monthly online trainings, from the top 10 oils to supporting your stress and emotions, to help you get comfortable using your oils ASAP. They’re only magic if you actually use them. 
  5. An active and supportive Facebook community with monthly giveaways, live videos, and challenges to help you live your healthiest life possible. There is no substitution for actual human connection, right?


Jenny S: WOW WOW WOW. I started this regime on Tuesday and I cannot even explain to you all. My energy levels are through the roof. Being someone who has worked with Naturopathic grade supplements for decades, I was totally apprehensive when switching to doTERRA supplements. Now I feel a bit silly. I have never experienced such a quick shift. 

Yvonne T: Today is day 8 of my phase 1 and my 14th shift in a row working a minimum of 12 hour days. I can’t believe it but I feel really good. I’m not exhausted, I haven’t bitten anyone’s head off. I just feel good! I’ve worked these hours before so I know how I’m SUPPOSED to feel but I don’t. I’m pretty dang impressed. 

Susan B: I am beyond impressed with how I have felt this past week. I had my period for the last 5 days which would usually be my crappiest feeling week of the whole month, all around on so many levels. Not suprisingly, the combo of all the water I’ve been drining and all the supplements, it’s ALMOST as if I don’t even know I had my period this week symptom wise. SOLD! Lol

Corinna K: Love this system and have noticed such a beautiful difference in my skin, since beginning the clease. And in my hair and nails and energy! 

Diana R: I have to keep it up - I have always had gut issues and since I started taking terrazyme, I feel so much better and I’m not bloated all the time. I love it! 

Sarah L: My kids love this routine and remind me if I have forgotten on a busy morning! 

I just wanted to say thank you for the value you’ve given us just with the Essential 30 Cleanse, but specifically the video alone! I’m not participating in this round as I’m nursing, but I can’t begin to tell you how much I’m getting out of watching the explanations of the supplements. I so strongly believe in the power and value of the LLV because of the incredible ways it supports me. I know this will be truly changing for those who take the time to watch it and really dig into these amazing products! 

Julie B: I don’t ever want to be without these products. Phase 2 starts for me tomorrow and the hormonal acne that I’ve been dealing with for a year is clearing up! 

Michelle T: Throughout this cleanse, my skin has never looked better! I have very large pores and blackheads too and I even feel like that looks so much cleaner! In 10 years, my skin has never glowed this much - it’s amazing! 

Dunja S: I can’t even explain in words how different my body feels during this clease. My sugar cravings and nighttime cravings are completely gone. I’ve NEVER not craved sugar and I feel so much more alert and focused! Thank you for all the value in this program! ~ Dunja S

Angie L: Not a question hubby is off all meds!!!! And the teenage kids have beautiful glowing skin!!!! Hope you are all having beautiful success with this too!! And thank you Ange for all your love and guidance through this!!!! It has been an absolutely incredible family experience!

Monika D: I loved the cleanse and am so grateful for my new supplement habit. Now moving to the next level and working on what I put into my body.

Enza W: I learned SO much about myself!! The little pill organizers took my consistency to a whole new level! Just that simple act of supplement prepping 1x a week blew my mind! I will absolutely continue this habit! Best ever!! 

Lauren M: LOVE IT!! so much energy I can't wind down sometimes

Kendra J: Loving the strength and energy I've had throughout the cleanse. Even tried something new..rock climbing and trying paddle boarding on Thursday. I already have my supplements in my containers ready to continue the journey. The cleanse isn't over for me. It's just beginning! 

There is definitely no shortage of support for learning how to use these amazing TOOLS and living your most vibrant life. I'm so excited to see the next-level you emerge!


Passionate Wellness Advocate + Fellow Oil Lover